LAST UPDATE - 11/12/2017
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EVENT 301 - 30/12/2017

Special period for the Last Event of the Year

- CHALLENGES PAGES are open from Monday 11th to Friday 22nd

- POLLS are open from Friday 22nd to Saturday 30th

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11/12/17 - Hello DWBL Fans as you know "DENAV FORUM" changed owner from Invision Free to Tapatalk,

so after a perioD where I set all the values here are the final indications:

1) Tapatalk board is divided in 2 Forums: IGL Forum and DWBL Forum, here I talk about only the last one.

2) There are 4 kind of users: Managers, Collaborators, Registered users and Guests:

- Managers are registered users who plays in DWBL

- Collaborators are IGL journalists who write write reviews, articles and interviews

- Registered users are old users who registered to Invision Free or new users that registered to Tapatalk

- Guests are people who are not registered to Invision Free or Tapatalk and are simply visiting the Forums

3) Here are the things that the different users can do or not:

- Managers can read, write and edit Posts, can attach files, can vote in the Polls.

So they can do all the thongs needed to play the game: post and/or accept Challenges and vote.

- Collaborators, Registered users and Guests can read Posts and vote in the Polls

4) One last note for old registered users of Invision Free: you don't need to registered to Tapatalk.

When you are doing the "Login" a window like the one below appears, so just follow my indication:


11/12/17 - In the next weeks I will publish the images of E300. Stay Tuned!

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