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08/02 - The special section of Kanal 24 featuring "LARSSON vs NILSSON II" is updated. Click here to visit it!

05/02 - Did you know that middleweight glamboxer GABRIELLA RIVAMONTI retired 3 years ago? Thank to our collaborator Griffy,

who discovered that a few days ago and had the chance to talk with her. Click here to read the article.

03/02 - I'm sorry but I totally forgot to say that one month ago our friend Frank Yank published his article about the day spent with

FRANCESCA ROSSI PAGLIARI and MICHELA PAGLIARI on Sunday December 16th. Click here to read it!

20/01 - As you can see from the dates of fights and respective galleries, I'm in a big late. I'm having a very busy period in real life and I don't have

enough time to work for IGL and DWBL. Slowly I published all the galleries of the latest fights and the only missing one is: "NILSSON vs LARSSON II".

This fight is something that really interests me and as you can see I created a special section (see the news here below) and I decided to do a full

coverage of it: exhibitions, interviews, training, press conference, weigh in and then the match! Our collaborator Clifford wrote various articles and

I should have published them when the images were ready but the real life engagements didn't allow me to be accurate with timing.

Clifford worked hard and he deserves to see published his material and I want to keep my promise to cover the full event, that's why I decided not to tell

the result of the fight and post all articles and images that I planned until we arrive at the main event!



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day date location division fight bout details
sat 16/02 Montreal (CAN) middleweights PATRIZIA DAL BEN vs ARLEEN BLAND World Title
sat 23/02 Las Vegas (USA) middleweights DESTINY SUTTON vs MILENA CONFORTI International Fight
sat 02/03 Los Angeles (USA) lightweights BEATRICE GHERINI vs CANDHYSS SHANE MALLA World Title
sat 09/03 Amsterdam (NET) lightweights SHELLEY COOK vs HEATHER REVELS International Fight

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